Getting the Cat IN the Bag!


We all know the expression “letting the cat out of the bag”. But the expression begs the question – “How do you get the cat IN the bag in the first place?”  As they say in the movie world – there has to be a BACKSTORY.

Not easy, and you need to check out Shelley Sackier’s Peak Perspective blog for the ins and outs of the prequel-process when applied to cats.

The prequel has become a common movie genre. “Batman Begins”, “Young Sherlock”, etc…

But how about a prequel to “Oceans 11”? What would that be called? “Puddles 1” maybe?

Or “Pinnochio?” I reckon that would be called “Twig” or “Plank” or “Four-by-Two”.

“Twilight”??? That’s an obvious one…”Afternoon”.

Any other silly ideas floating around out there?

The Detox Brothers

I  really don’t  have a lot of faith in New Year Resolutions, especially if they involve giving up something I love. But if it involves starting up something new, or doing something I haven’t done before, then maybe it’s worth giving it a crack of the whip.

So, every week I’m going to publish one of my drawings here , with whatever words come to mind.

If you want to see the originals, hop over to Shelley Sackier’s gloriously enlightening and entertaining blog at

The Detox Brothers

So, this week’s doodle is “The Detox Brothers”, inspired by one of my all time favorite films – “The Blues Brothers”. Although I have to admit that the first 20 times I saw it was crashed-out on someone’s sofa after a Friday night session in the pub, and I was usually so beered-up that I fell asleep before the end. Other favorite post-pub videos (yes, we’re talking pre dvd here!) were “Brain Dead”, “The Thing” and if these didn’t do the trick then there were TV series like “Prisoner in Cell Block H”, “The Outer Limits” or “The Twilight Zone”.

Enough of the nostalgia. The caption for this week’s cartoon, ushamelessly paraphrased from the original, is “It’s two fields to the vegetable patch, we got bobby tails, big ears, it’s dark…and we’re wearing sunglasses.”