Getting the Cat IN the Bag!


We all know the expression “letting the cat out of the bag”. But the expression begs the question – “How do you get the cat IN the bag in the first place?”  As they say in the movie world – there has to be a BACKSTORY.

Not easy, and you need to check out Shelley Sackier’s Peak Perspective blog for the ins and outs of the prequel-process when applied to cats.

The prequel has become a common movie genre. “Batman Begins”, “Young Sherlock”, etc…

But how about a prequel to “Oceans 11”? What would that be called? “Puddles 1” maybe?

Or “Pinnochio?” I reckon that would be called “Twig” or “Plank” or “Four-by-Two”.

“Twilight”??? That’s an obvious one…”Afternoon”.

Any other silly ideas floating around out there?

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