A Leibster Award…

lieber-awardI’m very pleased to have been nominated for a Leibster Award by Nu Tenshi, also known as “The Girl in Converse”. Check out her lovely, lively blog here:


A few random facts about myself:

1. My real name is “Robster the Liebster Lobster”

2. Daniel Radcliffe went to the same school as me (but I’m not quite as famous)

3. I grew up in the same house as Boris Karloff (but I’m not quite as scary)

4. I don’t like sushi

5. I’m crazy about books

6. I have a Swedish wife and two children.

7. I once got Michael Palin’s autograph written with his wife’s eyebrow pencil on a paper plate

8. I’m from England but have lived in Sweden since 1994

9. I’m going bald, so I like low-maintenance haircuts

10. I teach Alexander Technique to actors, musicians and dancers

11. I love cooking

Nu’s Questions for me:

1. If you were granted 3 wishes.What would you wish for? An endless supply of pencils, beer and baked beans

2. What inspired you to blog? Shelley Sackier’s “Peak Perspective” blog: http://www.peakperspective.com

3.If you were given a chance to be reborn, who would you rather be born as ? Doctor Who (Tom Baker version)

4.Your biggest fashion mistake ever? Don’t know. I make them all the time. 

5.Your biggest source of inspiration? My family

6.One thing that you always wished to own but haven’t been able to? A Ford Mustang

7.One habit that others find weird about you? My earthquakingly loud sneeze

8.If you were a given a chance to be a superhero for a day,what would you do? Read all the unread books on my book shelves

9.Your favourite book? Lord of the Rings

10.Your biggest dream that you plan to achieve or you have already achieved?  To see my kids grow up to be healthy, happy and to live creatively

11.Three words that perfectly describe you. English, male and silly!

My nominees are:

1. Nicholas C. Rossis

2. Tana Bevin

3. Linnet Moss