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NB: No animals were hurt during the drawing of this cartoon!


The Gruntles

A couple of weeks ago I published a post called “Disgruntled”. Well, in response to a comment by Linnet Moss, I decided it was only fair to publish the opposite of “disgruntled”. Which, as everyone knows is “gruntled”! So, here they are ( “at the other end of the line”) – The Gruntles:



“The Shawl”

A change of scenery this week.

Apart from being an artist I’m also an actor, a member of “The International Theatre of Malmö” in the south of Sweden. Our latest production is David Mamet’s “The Shawl”, and I thought I’d take the chance to include a few photos from rehearsals.

The show is now up and running. We’ve had full houses and a very good response.  This has been a great relief for us actors. It’s a very intense play and during rehearsals we really had no idea how it would go down in front of an audience. So it’s wonderful to hear words like “spellbinding” and “amazing” being whispered around the auditorium.

For those of you not familiar with the play, it’s a drama about a small-time psychic (John) who’s persuaded by his male lover (Charles) to try and con a bereaved woman (Miss A) out of her inheritance. It spins around the central question of whether John is a con-man or a genuine psychic. Or both? The production is directed by Etzel Cardena, who apart from being a theatre director, is also professor of parapsychology at Lund University.

Kevin Benn as John, a small time psychic/con-man

Kevin Benn as John, a small time psychic/con-man


Vanessa Poole as the bereaved Miss A.

Vanessa Poole as the bereaved Miss A.

John and his lover, Charles, played by Robin Gott.

John and his partner, Charles, played by Robin Gott.

The Seance

The Seance

The photos were taken by Diego Monsiváis, and you can see more of his beautiful pictures here: