The Gruntles

A couple of weeks ago I published a post called “Disgruntled”. Well, in response to a comment by Linnet Moss, I decided it was only fair to publish the opposite of “disgruntled”. Which, as everyone knows is “gruntled”! So, here they are ( “at the other end of the line”) – The Gruntles:



15 thoughts on “The Gruntles

  1. As I repeatedly get a million versions of Jimmy and Buck, I am so going for Vernon. I will provide refreshments if he shows up. I’d just give my left lung to have someone like him march through my front door to fix the hot water heater, or change the rat bait boxes.
    Seriously, what a story that would be.

    1. Be careful what you wish for! The wheels of the universe are already in motion and Vernon is probably on his way even as I type these words…

  2. I imagine it will rather depend on what we are choosing them for? If it’s for a blind date I’m not so sure, if it’s for a guest speaker at the local WI meeting I’m definitely choosing Vernon 😀 (They should make one of those Smilies with Jimmy’s teeth)

      1. A Prime Minister called Buck? Buck Blair…Buck Cameron…Buck Wilson? They all sound like super-heroes. Just what we need in the world right now 🙂

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