I’m a BIG reader! I LOVE books, and when I find an author I like I usually read my way systematically through all of his or her books. This is partly out of a lust for more of the same good stuff I found in the first book, but it’s also partly down to laziness. It saves me having to make the effort to go hunting for new and unexplored authors and book.

Sometimes books or authors just seem to leap up in front of me and scream “READ ME!” This happened to me this week when I was at our amazing public library here in Malmö.


Malmö Public Library

I saw a book on a display shelf – “The Humans” by Matt Haig. I liked the look of the cover,  so I read the blurb and decided to loan it.

When I got home I googled Matt Haig and found this delightful video. It really puts most of the other “How to be a writer”  stuff into perspective: