15 thoughts on “The Limerick Limerick…

  1. You prompted me to write this limerick. Hope you like it.
    There was a young lad from Brooklyn,
    His heart was from afar tookin,
    His lady friend wrote to him from Miami Beach,
    And those letters caused him to beseech,
    Her hand in marriage.

    So he boarded a plane,
    To meet this dame,
    And when they saw each other,
    It was true love, brother,

    Married now for forty five years,
    A lot of sweat, smiles and tears,
    A good life, hand in hand,
    Birthed three children and brought them to the promised land,
    Two grandchildren and a house in Winter Haven,
    This old man was blessed and soul worth saving.

  2. Hmmm…sounds like that orchestra was a bit more than frustrated, huh? Love that cartoon, Rob!

  3. Umm … I lived through this limerick a thousand times from the ages of 10 to 15. Good grief how I hated orchestra. But I’m sure they hated me more.
    (I think I may just have to copy this one out and post it as a reminder as to why my violin is covered in a forest of lush moss.)

  4. Brutal…and funny. Brutally funny?

    Yes. I’m firm now. Brutally funny.

    My mom used to say ‘fiddlesticks’ when she was frustrated. Your limerick unearthed that memory for me tonight.

    1. Well I do hope the unearthing of the memory was a pleasant experience. My grandmother used to say “fiddlesticks” too. It’s a lovely word which seems to have gathered dust over the years.

      1. The more contemporary use starts with the letter ‘f’ too, but it’s not nearly as original, nor is it appropriate in mixed company. I say we bring back “fiddlesticks.”

      2. I agree. and while we’re about it we can bring back “balderdash” and “codswallop” and “thingummyjig”. These are all words which thrive in the works of P.G.Wodehouse. Maybe I should dust them off. Ideal summer reading 🙂

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