Shelley and I have been cranking out these blog posts on her Peak Perspective site for more than three years and now, sad to say, it’s time to call it  day. So, here it is, the last post from us for the time being:

Once upon a time I met a guy. Okay. That’s not true. Once upon a time I didn’t meet a guy, but I got to know a guy because we started working together. Uh, okay, not even all of that is true either. We never actually started working together, we actually worked apart, but our […]

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Photo HASSE FERROLD: The Theater Play “Talking Heads” was presented by “Down the Rabbit Hole” Theatre at HIT Copenhagen
Excellent play by Vanessa Poole and Kevin Benn.
Photo 1: Actors Vanessa Poole , Kevin Benn, Robin Gott.
Music by Claudio Rosati and Directed by Annalisa Rossi -BOTH are from Italy living in Sweden.

We’ve now performed in Copenhagen and Malmö to full houses. Fantastic reviews. Here’s one from the Copenhagen Post: