Work In Progress

I don’t know if it’s correct to call this “work in progress”. It’s more like “play in progress.”

So, here’s step 1: a blank page in a sketchbook and a bunch of pens.

Step 2: I pick the sign pen and plug it in, via my hand and arm, to my brain…

Step 3: What comes out is a free form doodle…

Step 4: I think this needs a bit of yellow. Don’t ask me why. I just feel that yellow is the thing to do here…


Step 5: Well…you’ll have to wait and see what happens next. 🙂

The Return of the Human Funny Bone

It’s been a long hot summer here in Sweden, and after absorbing massive amounts of radiation I’ve been inspired, finally got my act together and started getting my artwork “out there”.

So here’s a link to Society6, where I’ll be selling the stuff that’s wended it’s way from the nether regions of my brain down through my funny bone and onto paper. So keep your ears peeled and your eyes pinned back (or something like that) for more updates: