NUTSHELL, by Ian McEwan – A Review

This review is short and sweet. Like the book. Like a nut…

Hamlet with a modern twist. An unborn baby witnesses its mother’s betrayal when she shacks up with her husband’s brother. Mother and lover then plan to murder the husband. What can the unborn child do?
Extremely funny, mildly tragic and beautifully written. Ian McEwan in top form.


After being hooked to ¬†the Netflix series “You”, based on Caroline Kepnes” novel, I then read the continuing story of Joe in “Hidden Bodies”. After that there was no way I was going to leave it there. Such a brilliant writer cannot be just brushed aside. I leaped straight into “Providence”, a propulsive and original thriller.

I must admit that at certain parts of this book I was on the brink of losing interest, but I was always pulled back in by Caroline Kepnes’ magical prose. A true delight.

At the end of my journey through this book I feel it was all worth it. This is a tragic love story, a story that can bring tears to your eyes. It’s also creepy and thrilling and if you’re a fan of H.P.Lovecraft, it’ll make sense on another level. If you’re not a fan, or you’ve never read H.P.Lovecraft, then maybe it’ll ¬†inspire you to read some of his stories.Whatever, this is a great read and I look forward to Caroline Kepnes’ next book.