After being hooked to  the Netflix series “You”, based on Caroline Kepnes” novel, I then read the continuing story of Joe in “Hidden Bodies”. After that there was no way I was going to leave it there. Such a brilliant writer cannot be just brushed aside. I leaped straight into “Providence”, a propulsive and original thriller.

I must admit that at certain parts of this book I was on the brink of losing interest, but I was always pulled back in by Caroline Kepnes’ magical prose. A true delight.

At the end of my journey through this book I feel it was all worth it. This is a tragic love story, a story that can bring tears to your eyes. It’s also creepy and thrilling and if you’re a fan of H.P.Lovecraft, it’ll make sense on another level. If you’re not a fan, or you’ve never read H.P.Lovecraft, then maybe it’ll  inspire you to read some of his stories.Whatever, this is a great read and I look forward to Caroline Kepnes’ next book.